Jerez to Acquire 9 MB Citaro NGT

| Spain, Jerez

Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGTThe city of Jerez in southern Spain has entered into a contract to acquire nine Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas. The city buses will be financed with European funds through the Strategy of Integrated Sustainable Urban Development (EDUSI), an action co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Program of Sustainable Growth FEDER 2014-2020, with an amount of almost EUR 3 million.

In July last year, Jerez announced it was going to lease 14 CNG buses but was unsuccessful with this venture due to limited interest in leasing supply. The new buses will be supplied by Evobus Ibérica, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz.

The incorporation of the 9 vehicles means saving 30% of fuel expenses and reducing emissions by 99.9% compared to the Euro I and Euro II models which currently make up its aged fleet. The buses also have accessibility adaptations for the blind and the hearing impaired. Delivery is expected in about six months.

The acquisition will improve quality service to users, offer greater protection of the environment, minimize the environmental impact in the urban area, and reduce the number of breakdowns and repairs of the vehicles.

The 12 metre Mercedes Cítaro NGT has a 3,000 hp natural gas engine which emits low levels of particulate matter, CO2 and other combustion gases, so it is considered an alternative to fuels derived from oil, not only by reducing the emission of pollutants, but also the level of noise.

Source: Jerez City Council

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