Japan’s First Large LNG Trucks Made and Monitored by Isuzu

| Japan: Tokyo

Isuzu monitors LNG truck in JapanIsuzu Motors Co., Ltd. is working with the support of Japan’s Ministry of the Environment to reduce emissions from heavy transport vehicles, strengthen related technology and deliver demonstration projects. Considerable effort has gone into the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered trucks and two vehicles have been built, with testing to commence early in June.

In support of the project Isuzu is collaborating with Shell Japan to set up an L(LNG) + CNG refuelling station for the trucks.

A testing period of unspecified length will assist Isuzu to determine market interest and refine the technology before deciding on size of production.

Already the expectation is that the new vehicles will have a range exceeding 1,000 kms using LNG, a high energy density fuel (1.5 gallons of LNG has the same energy density as one gallon of gasoline).

Isuzu has been promoting the uptake of natural gas vehicles for about 20 years from the viewpoint of energy security and environmental load reduction, etc. In order to promote the diffusion of natural gas vehicles, the company has developed mass production models.

Source: Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd.

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