Jamaica Initiates LNG-Bus Pilot Project

| Jamaica, Kingston

Jamaica - New Fortress LNG tanksJamaica is entering the era of natural gas powered transportation, beginning with five liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered buses. The government has approved a pilot project to retrofit buses operated by Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), the single largest carrier of passengers in the Kingston Metropolitan Region.

The pilot is expected to begin in the first quarter of this year and forms part of what Prime Minister Andrew Holness says is serious efforts by the Government to achieve energy efficiency, and by extension energy diversification, which will result in sustainable economic growth.


“The right fuel mix fuels efficiency and the economy. From the micro entrepreneur to the large manufacturer, energy is a critical input. We must ensure that the thrust towards the provision of clean and affordable energy is given priority,” Mr. Holness said. He also added that the Government has carefully examined a tax structure to incentivise the use of LNG.

He noted that currently, 18 per cent of the country’s energy production is based on renewable energy, and he would like to see that figure climb to 50 per cent in short order.

In August 2015, U.S. company New Fortress Energy (NFE) and Jamaica’s Energy company, JPS, signed an historic agreement for the supply of LNG to Jamaica, setting the country on a path for a new era of energy diversity and independence.

Source: Jamaica Information Service

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