Iveco-Allison CNG Mini Refuse Collector Introduced to France

| France, Paris

Iveco Eurocargo Mini Compactor CNGFrance’s smallest mid-range truck fueled by natural gas and focused on waste collection, the Iveco Eurocargo 120EL21 P, was presented at the Allison Transmission booth during Pollutec 2016 in Lyon held Nov 29 to Dec 2. The growth in vehicle offerings and natural gas fueling infrastructure are clear signals that investors in this cleanest and most economic of hydrocarbon fuels have a clear vision of its place as a transportation fuel now and into the future.

Several large cities are either adopting natural gas as an alternative to reduce fleet emissions, noise and operating costs in the municipal sector, or are considering doing so. Iveco France’s Steve Giguet, head of development and sales for natural gas vehicles, explains: “The main distribution chains have shown the way forward in France, and both the end user and the fleet owners of municipal vehicles are placing their trust in this technology.”

The Eurocargo is equipped with a Euro 6 compressed natural gas engine of 204 hp and has a fully automatic Allison 2500 transmission equipped with FuelSense fuel-saving technology. The truck has an integrated fully-sealed Farid PN10 mini compactor for waste collection and a fuel tank of 480 litres / 80 kg of compressed natural gas, making it suitable for environmentally sensitive applications in urban areas and in the narrow streets of historic city centres.

Allison fully automatic gearboxes are well matched to trucks powered by natural gas. The torque converter gently multiplies the torque, transmitting more power to the wheels. By multiplying engine power, drivers enjoy higher performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. Allison fully automatic transmissions increase power, while an automated manual or manual transmission loses power with every change.

Iveco, a brand of CNH Industrial NV, is a member of NGV Italy and associate member of NGV Global.

(Source: Allison Transmission)

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