Italian Vehicle Transporter Orders Iveco Stralis NP

| Italy, Turin

Iveco Stralis NP for Automotive LogisticsItalian truck manufacturer Iveco has signed an agreement to supply ten Stralis AS440S40T/P LNG vehicles to i-FAST-Automotive Logistics (i-FAST), a Torino-based transport company that specialises in the provision of road transport for every type of vehicle including Italy’s world-renowned luxury brands.

Although there are now numerous logistics fleets across Europe incorporating natural gas powered trucks, i-FAST is believed to be the first to offer LNG-powered car transport.

Iveco says this supply contract is testament to the versatility of the New Stralis Natural Power (NP) and is the result of the strong collaborative relationship that has developed between the two companies that share a common goal – to improve sustainability in road transport. The New Stralis NP is the first natural gas vehicle designed for long-haul missions. It features the Hi-Way cab, the 400 hp Iveco Cursor 9 engine, Eurotronic gearbox and two LNG tanks, each with a 540 litre capacity, for a range of up to 1500 km.

The clean fuel used on these vehicles means that they can freely access urban areas where increasingly stringent noise and pollution restrictions are being introduced.

In recent months, i-FAST-Automotive Logistics has tested the AT440S33T/P C-LNG model, which is equipped with tanks for both liquid (LNG) and gaseous (CNG) natural gas. They submitted the vehicle to a series of precise and prolonged trials across different routes of increasing length and difficulty in northern and central Italy. The outcome convinced i-FAST to become the first carrier in the industry to offer this type of sustainable, low environmental impact transport. This decision was also based on the expected short term developments in the Italian distribution network: there are currently six LNG stations in Italy, but new liquefied natural gas distribution units are planned for later this year, bringing the total number to ten.

i-FAST Automotive Logistics sees the new Stralis Natural Power, which will be used mainly for transporting and distributing cars in Italy, as a competitive offering for its customers that has the added advantages of providing a sustainable service in terms of environmental impact and business profitability.

i-FAST Automotive Logistics is part of FCA Group.

(Source: Iveco)

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