Isuzu Lands Toll Fleet Deal in Australia

| Australia, Melbourne Vic

Isuzu FSR 700 CNG

Toll IPEC, provider of integrated logistics services and part of the Toll Group headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, has acquired more Isuzu CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)-powered medium duty trucks. Toll IPEC’s order of 42 Isuzu FSR 700 CNG models brings the total number of Isuzu CNG trucks in Toll’s fleet to more than 70. Isuzu has previously indicated its national fleet may include as many as 300 natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

The 7,790cc FSR 700 CNG model has one carbon fiber wrapped aluminium CNG tank with 150L liquid capacity, two steel type 2 CNG tanks with 100L liquid capacity each, one steel type 1 CNG tank with 90L liquid capacity, giving a total fuel capacity of 440 water litres.

Toll IPEC General Manager, Rodney Johnston, said the CNG additions to the fleet would assist in helping reach environmental goals, while helping provide operational efficiencies.
”One of Toll Group’s key objectives is to look at ways to manage the environmental impacts within our facilities and operations, and act to reduce our rates of emissions, energy and waste,” he said.

“Toll Group is a company that recognised the potential of CNG as a transport fuel earlier than most,” said Isuzu Australia’s National Fleet Sales Manager, Dean Stuhldreier. 

”It’s always a challenge bringing new technology to the market, and to have interest from a well-regarded and high profile organisation such as Toll Group is very pleasing.
” Isuzu says the acquisition of CNG trucks by Toll may encourage other fleet operators to switch to natural gas fuel.

The trucks are Japanese-built and fully compatible with Australia’s natural gas and design rules. They exceed Japanese New Long Term 05 (EuroV equivalent) emissions standards. In the areas of PM (Particulate Matter) and NOx (combination of Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide) emissions, the vehicles surpass EuroVI standards.

With CNG fuel, costs can generally be expected to be reduced by half or more (dependent on particular diesel costs and truck application). This is partly because it’s a domestically sourced fuel and not subject to global commodity pricing. And partly because it’s a cheaper fuel in the first place. Isuzu says its important to note that engine power and torque remain about the same. The Isuzu CNG range comprises four models made up of the 4-cylinder NLR 200 and NPR 300, and the 6-cylinder FSR 700 and FSR 850 CNG.

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