Isuzu Introduces ELF 500 CNG to Mexico

| Mexico

Isuzu ELF 500 GNC MexicoA new stimulus for natural gas fuelled transportation in Mexico has occurred with the introduction by Isuzu Motors de Mexico of the ELF 500 CNG, a light-duty truck with Gross Vehicle Weight of 7.25 tonne (16,000 lb). The new OEM choice for urban transporters contributes to the government’s declared intention to address air pollution in densely populated urban environments.

Declaring  an “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions ” (INDC) in 2015, Mexico set an unconditional emissions reduction target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 22% below business as usual levels and reduce its black carbon emissions by 51% by 2030. Together this represents a 25% reduction of overall emissions.

Isuzu produces three-way catalytic converter-equipped CNG vehicles that achieve low-pollution emission performance. Their CNG-powered engines emit very low NOx, carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) and virtually no particulate matter (PM), also significantly reducing CO2 emissions. When fueled with renewable natural gas, CO2 emissions are almost zero.

SEMARNAT together with the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has developed a voluntary ‘Clean Transportation’ program, the objectives of which are to reduce fuel consumption, emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants (NOx and PM10 and PM2.5); and operating costs of transport. Operating CNG vehicles contributes to the achievement of all three objectives. The ceremony to introduce the ELF 500 CNG also marked Isuzu Mexico’s decision to join the program together with it’s 32 dealerships.

(Sources: Government of Mexico, Isuzu Mexico)

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