Isuzu-IMPCO Arrangement Facilitates CNG Option for HD Trucks in USA

| USA, Santa Ana CA

Isuzu NPR-HD

IMPCO Technologies, Inc., manufacturer and installer of bi-fuel and dedicated gaseous fuel systems and a subsidiary of Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc., can now be selected by Isuzu commercial vehicle dealers as a ship-through option to more quickly convert or modify gasoline-powered NPR-HD (14,500-lb. GVWR) trucks. As part of the ship-through process, Isuzu trucks built at the Charlotte, Michigan plant will be transported to IMPCO’s OEM Automotive conversion facility in Union City, Indiana for CNG system installation.

Upon completion, vehicles will be returned to Isuzu Commercial Truck of America (ICTA) for North American distribution. This program will simplify the vehicle modification process for dealers and fleet managers.

“IMPCO is excited to be part of this new process,” said Matthew Beale, Head of IMPCO Operations. “The emission reductions and reduced cost per mile on operations that can be achieved by fleet vehicles is tremendous and IMPCO is proud to offer our services to Isuzu dealers.”

“This chassis is used in a variety of applications, from box trucks to landscaper bodies; the ship-through program will provide those fleets with the option of using a domestic fuel with minimum delay and complexity to their daily operations,” said Jay Sandler, IMPCO Automotive Director of Sales.

(This article compiled using information from an IMPCO Automotive press release)

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