Israel Prepares for NGVs

| Israel

Israel is making plans to harness the opportunities afforded by its recent discoveries of natural gas, by developing a standard covering the propulsion of vehicles using this fuel, reports The Jerusalem Post. Although there are already a small number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the country, Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau said the standard aims to make possible a more regulated and broader uptake of NGVs. Concurrently, the Ministry is also developing a standard to cover natural gas refuelling stations.

According to the report, in Israel, compliance with an approved standard is voluntary, until the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor determines that all or part of it is binding, usually on the basis of elements such as public health, safety and environmental quality. Then it becomes an official standard.

When operational, the use of natural gas for transportation will provide significant energy security for Israel which has been largely dependent on its neighbours for petroleum.

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