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NGV Global - International Association for Natural Gas VehiclesActive on behalf of the natural gas for transportation industry for 30 years, NGV Global is building a rich history of leadership, collaboration and advocacy. Our Technical Group of Experts is currently focusing on ISO PC252, just one of our many priorities that call for international collaboration and input.  PC252 began with an NGV Global initiative in 2007.

ISO/PC 252 Natural gas fueling stations for vehicles

ISO PC252 was created in 2008 after NGV Global sent two proposals to ISO for drafting international standards on fueling stations for CNG and LNG vehicles. The proposals were a result of the international roundtable held in Geneva in 2007 headed by UN and ISO. The roundtable originated as an NGV Global (known as IANGV at that time) initiative and was subsequently managed by ISO. The roundtable focused on filling the gaps in international standardization for the advancement of gaseous vehicles (mainly Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Biomethane).

MVT Zrt CNG station for bus fleet

MVT Zrt CNG station for bus fleet

As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that NGV Global would collaborate by submitting new work item proposals for standards where gaps are detected in the natural gas for transportation sector. Collaboration with UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP 29) and others was also agreed. These decisions were circulated within ISO committees and UNECE during 2007.

As a result of NGV Global’s intervention, ISO created Project Committee 252 (PC252) to draft the International Standards for CNG and LNG fueling stations. The CNG standard was initially based upon a project for a European standard which had been dropped after CEN (European Committee for Standardization) could not finalize it in the maximum allowed timeframe.

Clean Energy Dispenser LNG-fueling

LNG refueling from Clean Energy Fuels dispenser

Members of ISO PC252 convened in Vancouver late November 2011 to work on drafts of ISO WD 16923 (CNG fueling stations) and ISO WD 16924 (LNG fueling stations).

NGV Global’s initiative led to ISO Standards 16923 and 16924 covering requirements from all regions and allowing their use under different regulatory frameworks. They were drafted by experts from 36 countries in 5 continents and 3 international organizations (NGV Global, UN, OIML). Both standards are about to be published.

Next Stage

The Committee of ISO PC252 has asked NGV Global to prepare new proposals for the following standards: CNG integrated compression, storage and dispensing equipment (similar to VRAs), Home Refueling Appliances (HRAs), and LNG on demand fueling stations (on-site liquefaction).

NGV Global’s Technical Group of Experts will discuss the formulation of proposals and consult with Members and Associate Members (members of affiliated associations) to ensure the response to the PC252 committee is representative of all parties, where possible, and continues the overarching objective of harmonization of standards.


To join in this discussion, or indeed to participate as a member of our Technical Group of Experts, please email your expression of interest to become an NGV Global Member or NGV Global Sponsor to

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