Iran Anticipates Continued Expansion of NGVs – July Conference to Step Industry Forward

| Iran, Tehran | Source: Shana

Shahram Assadpour, manager of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC)’s Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Program, says the number of CNG stations in Iran will climb to 2100 this year, reports Shana, the local acronym for Iran’s Petroenergy Information Network. The anticipated growth represents a 25% increase over the 1666 stations operating as of May.

Development will mainly be centered in big cities where populations of natural gas vehicles present the most demand.

Assadpour reportedly noted that, “nearly 170,000 public vehicles will be equipped with CNG-powering system this year under the decisions made by the Transportation and Fuel Headquarters”, adding to the current national NGV fleet of around 2 million vehicles.

Industry members will gather in Iran for their 4th Annual Conference and Exhibition on CNG this July 24-26.

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