Integrated CNG Company Enters North American Fuel Market

| USA, Scottsdale AZ

MPVC CNG Tanker 2015Arizona-based Modern PVC Inc. (MPVC), a vertically integrated, compressed natural gas marketing (CNG) and distribution company, is the newest player to enter the North American alternative fuel market. MPVC says its business model removes the risk of upstream exploration or midstream intensive capital investment as it is able to provide the benefits of wholesale and retail gas sales with high margin value added products in addition to CNG product.

MPVC secures upstream natural gas production and is developing a mobile gas compression fleet that handles both processing and delivery. As a result of our streamlined operations plan, MPVC does not have to build the capital intensive infrastructure to collect and process natural gas into CNG.
MPVC explains it will earn high margin revenue through the sales of CNG to major wholesale buyers such as corporate trucking fleets, by providing onsite delivery, while also servicig the individual fuel customer.

The company will also generate revenue from franchise fees earned from franchising our CNG technology, filling stations and trucking units.

(Source: Modern PVC, Inc.)

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