Inflex Readies Type 2 CNG Cylinder for US Market

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Inflex Type 2 CylinderArgentinean cylinder manufacturer INFLEX, based in Buenos Aires, has developed a type 2 cylinder that will have finished its certification to NGV2:2007 standard by the end of this month. It is a cylinder with a seamless steel liner and a glass fibre hoop-wrapping, with a working pressure of up to 350 bar. This is a custom-made product for the USA, for a client with an existing confidentiality agreement.

This new INFLEX achievement follows the recently certified –according to the same normative NGV2– type 4 cylinder, which is already in production. “With research and development, we face the upcoming needs of the market, offering customized solutions” said Pilar Fracchia, International Business Manager.

INFLEX has manufactured cylinders for over 45 years, with an unmatched worldwide record in safety, having sold over 5 million of them, to over 50 countries without registering any incidents.

NGV2 is the NGV industry standard for on-board fuel-storage cylinder certification.

(Source: Inflex)

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