Indonesian Military (TNI) Converts to CNG

| Indonesia, Jakarta
A symbolic CNG refueling kicked off the TNI conversion program

A symbolic CNG refueling kicked off the TNI conversion program

Army plans 500 conversions to start program; Pertamina Gas opens Galileo-equipped CNG Station

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) has committed to using PT Pertamina (Persaro)’s branded compressed natural gas (CNG) — ‘Pertamina Envogas’ — for operational vehicles. TNI has been given an allocation of 500 converter kits that will be focused on military vehicles in Jakarta and Surabaya, with other regions to follow.

The transition to compressed natural gas, referred to in Indonesia as ‘bahan bakar gas’ or BBG, is part of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy’s fuel diversification ‘Go Green’ program.  A TNI press release describes the benefits of using natural gas as reduced fiscal burden and operational costs; utilisation of domestic supply which will improve national energy security both short term and long term; and compliance with and contribution toward achieving international emissions targets.

A symbolic launch of this initiative was carried out at TNI headquarters by TNI Commander Admiral Agus Suhartono, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik, Director of Marketing and Business Pertamina Hanung Budya, and Director of Pertamina Gas Hari Karyuliarto. The government has targeted the military because of its significant consumption of fuel. Vehicles will be converted for bi-fuel operation, able to switch between CNG and gasoline.

The Ministry of Energy has also committed to improve the availability of gas and infrastructure. According to a Citra Indonesia article, Hanung affirmed that Pertamina will build six CNG refueling stations in the Greater Jakarta area, with gas allocation for special transportation.

Operating together, the four packaged GNC compressors Microbox offer a filling capacity of 6,000 m3/hour (1,680 GGE/hour).

Operating together, four packaged CNG Microbox compressors fill rate is 6,000 m3/hour.

New CNG Station for Jakarta

Pertamina Gas has just opened a new CNG filling station in Jakarta equipped with equipped with four Galileo Microbox packaged CNG compressors and four EMB-15-1-D CNG dispensers.

Operating together, the four Microbox® offer a filling capacity of 6,000 m3/hour (1,680 GGE/hour), reaching 144,000 m3 (40,320 GGE/day), since they will work 24 hours per day. This massive compression capacity is aimed to serve urban buses and the tube-trailers used by Pertamina Gas for gas distribution among industrial consumers located outside the  metropolitan area.

PT Pertamina opened its first company-owned, company-operated CNG filling station in Jakarta in December 2012.

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