Increased NGV-Related Legislative Activity in USA

| USA | Source: NGVAmerica

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica) say there has been a sharp increase in state NGV-related legislative activities in the US, one of the latest being the bills introduced in the state of West Virginia to accelerate the use of NGVs in the state, including tax credits for both vehicles and infrastructure, including home refueling. Since January 1, the association has logged over a 100 bills introduced in state legislatures across the country. The list includes :

  • bills that would renew or expand tax incentives for NGVs as well as other alternative fuel vehicles;
  • grant funding authorization to assist with the development of new natural gas fueling infrastructures;
  • establish fuel tax rates for LNG; and
  • authorize excise tax exemptions for natural gas.

To facilitate distribution of the list of proposed state incentives, NGVAmerica is setting up a member-only thread using LinkedIn in a newly-created group called NGVAmerica – Member Forum.

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