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IMW Industries is your global choice for compressed natural gas (CNG) station equipment. We are a manufacturer of complete CNG fuelling systems including compressors, dispensers, gas controls and storage systems. We have delivered efficient, reliable CNG solutions worldwide since 1984. IMW supports its products with timely after-market service and parts through a global network of service centers and authorized representatives. We are committed to building long-term relationships by focusing on our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

IMW compressorsIMW specializes in non-lubricated compression, delivering the cleanest CNG by using state-of-the-art designs and materials. Our customers enjoy CNG with oil content of 0 ~ 5 ppm compared to 100+ ppm oil contamination typically found in lubricated CNG systems. IMW technology reduces operating and maintenance costs for our customers and improves satisfaction levels with natural gas vehicle (NGV) operators. For CNG station operators, this means customer retention and increased revenue.

IMW CNG systems cover a wide range of applications including vehicle fuelling, bulk CNG transportation, mobile CNG systems, conventional and booster stations. We can configure compressors for a full range of inlet and discharge pressures, as well as power ranges from 40 ~ 300 HP. We provide maximum flow and system flexibility, which gives our customers peak efficiency in their fuelling operation.

IMW CNG dispensers

As the only Canadian manufacturer of high-pressure natural gas compressors, IMW continues to develop superior technology and resources to meet the growing CNG demand around the world. We understand that the economic and environmental benefits of clean fuelling technology are the cornerstones of industrial growth. IMW is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is committed to providing quality equipment and excellent customer service.

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