Impala Taxicabs Service Chicago

| USA, Chicago IL

Chevrolet Impala 2010 – converted for CNG operation

World CNG, a Kent, Washington based company that specializes in alternative fuel packaging and applications, has delivered 20 CNG Impala taxicabs to Yellow Cab Chicago, which put them fully into service. The CNG Impalas were built at World CNG’s Washington facility and shipped to Yellow Cab Chicago in late July 2011. “We are very excited to introduce CNG taxicabs to the Chicago area,” said Garret Alpers, President of World CNG. “Hopefully, the benefits of using CNG fuel will inspire other Chicago-area fleets to make the move to CNG as well.”

Each of the CNG taxicabs are 2010 model year Chevrolet Impalas, that use the 3.5L engine and World CNG’s two-tank, 11 GGE configuration. The Impala is also available in a new three-tank, 13.6 GGE configuration.

Two CNG fueling stations currently serve the Chicago area. CNG offers to the transportation market a safe and less costly fuel that is readily available, plentiful, and easy to use.

WorldCNG has been named as a finalist for the first annual King County Executive’s Green/Sustainable Small Business of the Year Award. In the past year, the company has helped lead the growth of the alternative fuels market by putting around 200 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles on the road around the Puget Sound region and in several cities across the country, such as Chicago, Dallas, and Denver.

(This article compiled using information from a WorldCNG press release)

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