IGU Focuses 2013 Strategic Statement on Sustainable Economic Development

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IGU 2013 Strategic Statement The International Gas Union (IGU) has issued its latest Strategic Statement the core of which is the recognition of the unique role that gas plays in satisfying rising energy demand and in mitigating climate change. Under the theme of “Gas delivers sustainable economic development” IGU will advocate for the use of gas as an essential part of a sustainable energy future; and promote further gas industry development by wider application of innovative technologies.
The 2013 Strategic Statement says no single fuel or technology can provide a comprehensive solution for this increasing need for energy. The world needs a range of options, and gas has a crucial role to play. Gas is a foundation fuel for the world’s current and future energy needs; it is, and will remain the perfect partner for renewable energies.

As the largest international body for the gas industry, IGU conducts a variety of investigative and research activities through its Working Committees. Natural Gas Vehicles is an important segment of the downstream end of the natural gas value chain and is represented by Study Group 5.3 (SG5.3), which operates under Working Committee 5 – ‘Utilisation’ (WOC 5).

The results of such activities are presented once every three years at the World Gas Conference (WGC). The next WGC conference is planned for June 1-5 in Paris, France.

IGU and NGV Global also enjoy reciprocal liaison status, with IGU having a permanent position on the NGV Global Board of Directors.

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