IGU Appoints Ydreos Exec Director, Public Affairs

| Norway, Fornebu | Source: IGU Magazine

Mel Ydreos IGUIGU, the International Gas Union, is constantly working to raise the global voice of gas. Through the “Building for the Future” project, significant strides are being made towards this end. In order to create even greater focus and deliver more strongly on this, the IGU has appointed Menelaos (Mel) Ydreos as Executive Director, Public Affairs.

Mel is also the Coordination Committee Chair (CC) of IGU and has been heavily involved in IGU communication and outreach work and will maintain this responsibility with his new role.

Additionally, an Acting CC Chair, accountable for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Coordination Committee and work plans leading up to the World Gas Conference in Washington D.C. in 2018 will be appointed.

“We are pleased to welcome Mel to formally take the lead in in his role as Executive Director, Public Affairs”, says IGU Secretary General Pål Rasmussen.

Mel Ydreos also represents IGU as a Board Member of NGV Global.

The mission of IGU is to advocate gas as an integral part of a sustainable global energy system, and to promote the political, technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The more than 140 members of IGU are associations and corporations of the gas industry representing over 95% of the global gas market. The working organisation of IGU covers the complete value of gas chain from exploration and production, transmission via pipelines and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as distribution and combustion of gas at the point of use.

(Source: IGU)

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