Hyundai Introduces NGVs to South Africa

| South Africa | Source: Engineering News

Hyundai H1 Panel Van

Hyundai Automotive South Africa (HASA) has introduced a compress natural gas (CNG)-converted H1 panel van to the local market, reports Engineering News. The van is currently being tested by fleet companies. Hyundai says that fuel cost savings of up to 45% can be achieved with the converted vehicle. HASA after-sales director Michael Rohde says, “For now, the H1 panel van with the CNG engine will be marketed to fleet owners and companies in areas where natural gas filling stations are planned for the future.”

The Hyundai Motor Company, in Korea, has commuter buses available with 100%-CNG-powered engines and the South African Hyundai company is currently doing a study to determine the viability of importing CNG bus chassis and fitting locally manufactured bodies.

HASA also plans to test CNG conversions on passenger vehicles, saying a commitment to building natural gas filling stations and support for alternative fuels has been expressed by the South African government and gas suppliers.

“At this stage, only fleet owners with their own CNG depots, or those with access to NG filling stations, will be able to use the CNG technology,” says HASA marketing director Stanley Anderson.

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