Hyundai Heavy Increases LNG Shipping Efficiency

| South Korea: Ulsan

HHI LNG Test FacilityHyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has succeeded in recovering 100% of the evaporated gas from the Liquefied Gas Liquefaction Test conducted at Ulsan Head Office’s LNG mixed refrigerant single-mixed refrigerant (SMR) system demonstration facility. This demonstration confirms it now has the technology to fully re-liquefy the evaporative gas generated from LNG carriers – a major development for the LNG carrier market.

In a joint venture with LGE (Liquid Gas Equipment), a UK gas processing engineering company, HHI built the single mixed refrigerant (SMR) test bed facility to demonstrate this system in February. The test was conducted in an environment where actual LNG carrier operating conditions were maintained, such as cooling the inside of the facility to -163 ° C, at which temperature the evaporation gas is liquefied.

HHI has proven the performance of mixed refrigerant complete liquefaction system with its high-efficiency fuel gas supply (Hi-GAS) and propulsion system and LNG re-gasification system (Hi-ReGAS). Together, they are now able to offer an integrated LNG carrier solution optimized for ship owners.

The mixed refrigerant complete liquefaction system was first installed on four LNG carriers ordered from Greece and Russia last year and will be applied to 11 of 15 LNG carriers ordered this year.

HHI says that by these developments it has achieved the industry’s most complete re-liquefaction technology performance, including the existing single-refrigerant and pre-cooled complete liquefaction systems.

HHI officials said, “By successfully demonstrating fully advanced liquefaction technology that is one step further than partial re-liquefaction, we are able to increase technological competitiveness in the LNG market, which is increasingly in demand.”

“In addition to large LNG carriers, We will continue to lead the future LNG carrier market by expanding into small and mid-sized LNG carriers. ”

On the other hand, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group received 15 orders of 34 LNG carriers ordered this year and holds a 40% share of the global LNG carrier market.

Source: Hyundai Heavy Industries Group

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