Huge Organic Farm Innovation Plan includes RNG for Tractors

| Lithuania

Lithuania_bioduju-statybaAgrowill Group, the largest organic farming and investment group of companies in Lithuania and one of the biggest organic farming entities in Europe, aims to attract EUR 20 million investment into scientific research and innovations. Implementing its new vision of sustainable business the company aims to become not only the biggest but also the most innovative organic farm in Europe. Renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel for vehicles is high on its agenda.

“During the next two years we are determined to implement innovative sustainable farming model to completely change the current perception about organic farming. We think that the future of organic farming is more than avoiding the use of chemicals. Our vision is organic food products produced in most sustainable way and affordable to wider group of consumers. We will create it employing effective modern technologies, and aim for sustainability by moving from the use of fossil fuels to biogas,” stated Kęstutis Juščius, the chairman of the board of Agrowill Group.

Agrowill seeks to attract investment for scientific research and innovations: development of new generation diary and poultry frams, building a new line of combined feedstuffs and development of production of organic seeds. EUR 17 million will be invested into these branches. Another EUR 3 million is intended to invest into biogas application for tractor fuel and other projects.

According to the estimates of Agrowill Group the manure of its livestock (3 500 milking cows) can be used to produce about 7.5 million tons of biogas per year. This would help to reduce CO2 emissions by 35 thousand tons annually. It is planned to avoid the emission of green house gases that naturally occurs during decomposition of manure. With application of purified compressed biogas fuel for tractors and other agricultural machinery the use of fossil fuel will be reduced.

After implementation of new organic farming vision Agrowill Group plans to produce 37 thous. tons of milk for processing, to grow 20 thous. tons of crops, 28 thous. tons of vegetables and 12 thous. tons of mushrooms.

The size of organic food market in Europe is about EUR 26 billion and it grows by approx. 8% each year. In USA the sales of organic farm products total to EUR 31.1 billion, increasing at 11% annual growth rate.

(Source: Agrowill Group)

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