Howard Tenens Opens Fourth Compressed Natural Gas Station in UK

| United Kingdom, London

Tenens biomethane dual-fuel fleet

UK logistics company Howard Tenens has opened its fourth compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling facility. Officially opened by Stephen Hammond, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, it is the largest CNG station to be constructed by a private transport operator in the UK.

The opening was followed by a refuelling demonstration on a range of different gas vehicle types. The station was constructed as part of a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded project under the Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial Programme.

Howard Tenens opens CNG station Swindon

MP Stephen Hammond opens the CNG facility.

The CNG station has been designed to ensure maximum reliability and performance and features twin compressors, 3 NGV2 dispensers for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), 1 NGV1 dispenser for cars and vans, and has the capacity to refuel up to 125 vehicles per day.

Expanding the network of CNG refuelling stations is vital for delivering a low carbon transport strategy for the UK. Howard Tenens have now installed 4 CNG refuelling stations across the country at their Andover, Boston, London (South Ockendon) and Swindon depots. Not only do these stations power their own fleet but they are also open to other operators of natural gas vehicles.

Howard Tenens operate a total of 59 dual-fuel vehicles as part of their commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s logistics operations, delivering up to 60% carbon savings vs. diesel when operating on biomethane. The Swindon depot operates 22 of these dual-fuel vehicles.

“By extending our refuelling infrastructure we not only reinforce our commitment to dual-fuel, but increase its availability to other 3rd party operators who want to benefit from the technology,” states Jamie Hartles, Commercial and Marketing Director at Howard Tenens. “The Swindon gas station opening represents another exciting step forward for Tenens Environmental, which explores new and innovative ways to add value in environmental performance for our logistics customers.”

TSB Project (Jan 2013 – Mar 2016)

Howard Tenens led a consortium with four other members in a successful TSB bid entitled ENTRIS (Evaluation of Natural Gas Trucks and Refuelling in Swindon) consisting of vehicle operators John Lewis Partnership and Lenham Storage Company along with Emissions Analytics and telematics company CMS SupaTrak. The funding, of £1,262,740 (USD 2.155 million), has enabled the conversion of 41 HGVs to dual fuel, 18 of which are operated by Howard Tenens, as well as the installation of the gas refuelling station at Howard Tenens’ Swindon site.

Under the ENTRIS project, CMS SupaTrak has developed a telematics system that enables both diesel and gas consumption to be monitored, enabling accurate reporting of vehicle mpg when operating on dual fuel. Under the ENTRIS project, in-service emissions performance will also be monitored through on-board emissions equipment being supplied by Emissions Analytics. Vehicles in all three projects will be monitored over a two year period and data sent monthly to TSB for evaluation – this will include information such as refuelling data, trip data, maintenance etc.

(Source: Howard Tenens Limited)

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