Howard Tenens Builds Natural Gas Refuelling Infrastructure in UK

| United Kingdom, London

Howard Tenens refuelling at Andover

Howard Tenens, a logistics provider based in the United Kingdom, has added two more compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations in the UK, bringing their total to three so far with others planned across its transport network. Over the past 12 months the company has installed gas refuelling stations at its Andover, Boston and London (Aveley) depots to power its new dual-fuel HGV fleet, which is running on natural gas and diesel. It sees natural gas as a stepping stone to biomethane, which, when used as road transport fuel, will result in a further step change in carbon emissions.

Howard Tenens will also offer gas for sale from its three gas refuelling stations so that other operators can enter the gas vehicle market without the additional high cost of the refuelling infrastructure.

Catherine Crouch, Group Environment Director says, “The logistics sector has an important role to play if the UK is to meet its European carbon reduction targets. Howard Tenens takes its environmental and corporate social responsibility seriously and we are committed to reducing the carbon emissions associated with storing and distributing our customers’ products.”

Catherine adds, “There is limited gas refuelling infrastructure in the UK and we have had to install our own gas stations to ensure the success of our low carbon transport strategy. Both Boston and London Aveley stations are grid connected as we expect there will be a virtual supply of biomethane in the future – injecting gas into the grid from anaerobic digestion plants and drawing off fuel at the point of demand.

This article compiled using information from a Howard Tenens Associates Ltd press release.

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