Hino Thailand Launches the FL1J NGV Commercial Truck

| Thailand | Source: The Nation
Thailand's NGV options grow with Hino's FL1J CNG truck.

Thailand's NGV options grow with Hino's FL1J CNG truck.

Hino Motor Sales Thailand has increased its CNG product range in Thailand by the introduction of the FL1J NGV; it runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and has a range of more than 500 kilometres. Meeting Euro 3 standards, the truck is powered by a 7,961 cc 191 KW engine and carries 700 water litres (approx 140 kgs) of CNG in a 150×2 – 100 x 4 cylinder configuration. According to a report by The Nation, Hino intends to focus its efforts in Thailand on CNG products, as CNG is one of the most widely available forms of alternative fuels.

Takeo Saito, President of Hino Motor Sales Thailand, said in the report.”We had a very impressive 75-per-cent market share in the CNG truck segment in 2009. We sold 479 CNG trucks last year, while the total market consisted of 635 units. This year, with the market set to grow by 5-10 per cent, we expect to sell 8,000 units in total. Of this, about 1,500 will be CNG models.”

Hino claims that based on a purchase price of THB 3 million (USD 91,000), which is THB 700,000 (USD 21,000) more than the diesel version, and at current fuel prices, for a vehicle that runs 500km per day, the CNG option will pay for itself within 1.2 years.

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