Hexagon Tank Assembly Selected for First Full-size H2 Refueling Station in Netherlands

| Norway: Ă…lesund | Source: Hexagon Composites ASA
Resato H2 Station Schematic

(Image: Resato)

Hexagon Composites has been selected by Resato International BV, based in Assen, Netherlands, to supply high-pressure hydrogen tanks assembly for the first Dutch full-sized hydrogen refueling station in The Hague. Resato, a leading manufacturer in high pressure technologies, is working with Shell Kerkhof & Zn to set up the new refueling station serving three users per 15 minutes.

The Resato Hydrogen Refueling Station will be one of the largest refueling stations in the Netherlands and will highlight the advantages of compressed hydrogen for the mobility sector.

“This is the first tank assembly storage installation we deliver to hydrogen refueling stations,” said Trond Seth, Vice President Hydrogen Business Unit. “We’re really pleased to have been chosen by Resato to work on the full-sized hydrogen refueling station. We are seeing an increased interest for our ground storage solutions and with this delivery we are demonstrating that Hexagon is moving from being a product supplier to a systems supplier.”

“The deployment of the large hydrogen refueling station in The Hague is a big step taken towards a greener future,” said Francois Hemmerlin, Business Development Manager Hydrogen at Resato. “We are committed to developing a hydrogen economy towards an emission-free country. A vital advantage of the large hydrogen refueling station is that the filling time as well as the range is equal to petrol or diesel.”

The Resato Hydrogen Refueling Station will be opened by the summer 2019.

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