Hexagon Mobile Pipeline Demand Continues

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Lincoln Titan ModulesHexagon Composites’ subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln announces has received a new purchase order for TITAN® 4 trailers from Certarus Ltd., a leading provider of fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery solutions, with a total value of USD 10.4 million. The order reflects the growing global demand for natural gas in places not supported by pipeline infrastructure.

“The macro trend of gasification of both the oil & gas sector and industrial markets has created strong demand for Certarus. This new order of TITAN® trailers will be deployed primarily into our industrial power generation fuel supply business line. Certarus is the North American market leader for large scale integrated compressed natural gas solutions and Hexagon’s TITAN® 4 is the core of our fleet”, says Curtis Philippon, President & CEO of Certarus Ltd.

“We continue to see strong growth in the Mobile Pipeline® market driven by the desire to reduce fuel costs and pollutant emissions. We are positioned to support this growth through our capabilities in North America,” said Miguel Raimao, Vice President Mobile Pipeline® at Hexagon Lincoln.


Deliveries are scheduled for first quarter of 2018.

Hexagon Lincoln Mobile Pipeline Solutions

In addition to industrial applications, mobile pipeline products have been sold into several new CNG situations globally to facilitate access to CNG fuel for transportation.

“Our Mobile Pipeline® products enable industries to take advantage of reduced NOx and particulate emissions within their community even when they are not located near pipelines,” says Frank Häberli, Vice President Mobile Pipeline® Division, Hexagon Composites last year. “The TITAN® XL further allows the operation of a Mobile Pipeline® in places where physical pipeline build either is too costly or environmentally challenging.”

Hexagon Lincoln is a world leading provider of complete storage and transport systems for gas and fuel cylinders for natural gas (CNG and hydrogen). The company’s composite lightweight cylinders are up to 70% lighter than steel cylinders and help deliver overall weight reductions, greater storage capacity, and improved operating economy to gas distributors and light and heavy duty OEMs worldwide.

Source: Hexagon Lincoln – an associate member of NGV Global through NGVAmerica

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