Hexagon Lincoln CNG Cylinders for Swift Class 8 Fleet

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Lincoln CylindersHexagon Composites wholly owned subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln has recently received a new order for delivery of lightweight TUFFSHELL™ CNG fuel cylinders. The total value of the order is approximately USD 5 million (around NOK 30 million). The cylinders will be fitted to a new fleet of 200 natural gas powered Class 8 trucks for Arizona-based Swift Transportation Company.

“After trying CNG and LNG trucks in pilot fleets, we chose CNG and cylinders from Hexagon Lincoln for our own systems.” says Russ Thompson, Swift Transportation Co. Vice President of Equipment Purchasing and Shop Operations.

The U.S. Class 8 for-hire fleet truck market includes local, regional and long-haul freight trucks. These trucks benefit from the operational cost advantages of CNG with high consumption rates, long range hauling needs and heavy payload requirements.

The U.S. Heavy Duty NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) market is experiencing strong and sustained growth which is expected to continue with the recent expanded line-up of larger, higher horsepower dedicated natural gas engines. Swift Transportation Company is a transportation services company and one of the largest truckload carriers in North America.

With the light weight of composite tanks and industry leading capacity, Hexagon Lincoln’s line of TUFFSHELL™ fuel tanks allow fleet owners the flexibility of increased range with less compromise of payload capacity and wheelbase. The company’s 26″ tank family, officially launched in January this year, are the largest Type 4 NGV fuel tanks in the marketplace. These light-weight, all-composite cylinders will serve as fuel tanks for Class 8 trucks running on compressed natural gas.

(Hexagon Composites)

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