Heckmann Corp Will Employ Largest LNG Transport Fleet in North America

| Canada, Vancouver BC

200 x Peterbilt Model 367 trucks will be equipped with Westport HD Systems.

Places the single largest order for liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks by a U.S. customer (200)

Westport Innovations Inc., alternative fuel, low-emissions transportation technologies provider, Heckmann Corporation, a water solutions company focused on water issues worldwide and, in particular, oil and natural gas exploration and production, Encana Natural Gas Inc., a subsidiary of Encana Corporation, and Peterbilt Motors Company, a division of PACCAR Inc are teaming up to transition the Heckmann truck fleet from traditional diesel vehicles to natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Under the terms of the agreement, Encana will make fueling services available where Heckmann Water Resources (HWR) operates its fleet of water transportation vehicles. HWR will use the trucks to service its customer’s natural gas wells and provide water handling services in conjunction with its system of pipelines and disposal wells.

HWR has issued a purchase order for 200 Peterbilt 367 liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks incorporating Westport Heavy Duty Systems (Westport HD), from Westport. Although the purchase price of NGVs is higher than diesel trucks, the significantly reduced life cycle operating cost of NGVs is conducive to operating the heavy-duty trucks on natural gas. Additionally, because of cleaner combustion, the average operating life of NGVs is considerably longer.

“This is the first LNG truck order by a natural gas industry service provider,” said David Demers, CEO of Westport Innovations. “HWR and Encana are leading the way to leverage the clean, abundant, and domestically available natural gas. The fuel is inexpensive relative to diesel and its availability for this application makes an economic win-win for both HWR and Encana as well as the significant environmental benefits including up to 30% lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

Westport says that when LNG is deployed in upstream natural gas operations critical infrastructure is created and additional market demand for natural gas is stimulated in fleet transportation, including light-duty commercial fleets and other heavy-duty off-road operations, as well as natural gas drilling rigs, pressure pumping services and freight transportation. Beyond the natural gas sector, momentum also builds for increased natural gas use in other sectors, such as mining and construction, and the cumulative benefits of expanded natural gas use results in multiple economic and environmental benefits for society.

Richard J. Heckmann, Chairman and CEO of Heckmann Corporation, stated: “We are proud to be the first oil and natural gas services provider to offer LNG trucks to our clients and to operate the largest fleet of LNG trucks in North America.

“There are abundant natural gas resources here in our own country, produced by our own citizens,” Mr. Heckmann continued. “Programs like the one we have established with Encana are critical in bringing attention to the phenomenal opportunity available in the U.S. to rid our nation of the foreign oil tax. With Encana, we will do our part by converting our fleet to NGVs, and we encourage all companies to identify solutions that will eliminate our country’s dependence on oil imported from the Middle East.”

“We are very pleased to be part of an innovative North American solution to expand the use of liquefied natural gas in large-freight vehicles in the U.S. This initiative is a major step towards encouraging many companies servicing the energy industry to convert vehicles to run on affordable, environmentally-responsible LNG or compressed natural gas (CNG),” said Eric Marsh, Executive Vice-President, Encana Corporation & Senior Vice-President, USA Division.

The Westport 15 litre HD engine is certified and compliant to 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emission standards in North America.

This article compiled using information from a Westport Innovations Inc. press release.

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  1. Jeff says:

    They are really leading our clean energy future! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6FgpZRQ6ZM