Heat Specialist Weishaupt Switching Fleet to Natural Gas

| Belgium | Source: Industrie Technisch Management (iTM)

S.A. Weishaupt N.V., a subsidiary of international heating specialist Max Weishaupt GmbH, has captured attention at this year’s Batibouw construction and renovation fair in Brussels by providing a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered shuttle service. While only operating one CNG vehicle at present, a Volkswagen Passat Variant 1.4 TSI, the company’s goal is to convert its entire fleet of 50 to natural gas by 2015. Weishaupt claims to be the first in its industrial sector to invest in natural gas vehicles (NGVs), reports iTM.

The company has apparently also investigated other fuel alternatives such as electric vehicles, committing to NGVs because the technology is present and the ecological balance is known. While acknowledging the range of reduced emissions available through NGV operation, Weishaupt N.V. CEO Jo Note Ore said, “Dust is in our opinion an underrated villain in traffic. A CNG vehicle emits 95% less particulates than a traditional diesel or gasoline engine.”

Weishaupt will invest in its own CNG filling station in Anderlecht, a municipality of Brussels.

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