Hangzhou City Buses Almost 100% Green, 35% LNG

| China, Hangzhou | Source: Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou LNG Bus Over time, the expanding green public transportation fleet of Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province has replaced most of its buses with ‘black tails’. As at end of September 2016, the city has 4,483 clean energy vehicles, representing 90.26% of the collective fleet.

Altogether, 4967 operating vehicles make up the fleet and the city plans that by the end of this year, the entire fleet will be green buses, reports Hangzhou Daily. The full transition will mark the achievement of a goal set eight years ago to reduce air pollution in the city.

Green buses to serve in the nation three evil “Green Tornado” liquidity Hangzhou

About 35% (1,604) of the green buses are fuelled with liquefied natural gas (LNG). The article states, “the biggest advantage of this vehicle is almost zero particulate emissions, no “black smoke” phenomenon; prevention and control of atmospheric PM2.5 has played a positive role in promoting.

The average daily passenger transport volume at present is reportedly 4.0644 million people.

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