HAM’s LNG Nozzle Prototype Eliminates Leakage

| Spain, Barcelona

HAM new LNG NozzleSpain’s HAM Group has developed a new Liquefied Natural Gas nozzle to supply fuel to heavy duty vehicles that delivers increased safety while eliminating leakage. Built in aluminium and stainless steel, the prototype design adapts to current refueling systems. In short, no change is required to LNG dispensers or to fuel connectors on vehicles.

HAM says the new design, which incorporates a double anchoring system, is safer than other models on the market. It is also a further step towards the normalization of the refueling operation, increasing similarity to conventional fuel loading. The disconnection of the nozzle is carried out without any gas emission to the air, eliminating the risk of cryogenic burn and possible creation of explosive atmospheres.

By introducing the new design, the HAM Group has achieved a much more durable, safe, easier to use nozzle which may lead to reducing part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) by eliminating contact between the LNG and the driver who replaces the fuel, according to their press release.

HAM Group, a member of NGVA Europe, is an associate member of NGV Global.

 (Source: HAM Group)

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