HAM’s Ljubljana Station Expands Mediterranean LNG Transport Corridor

| Slovenia, Ljubljana

Slovenia LNG Station launch by HAM Cryogenica and EnosHam Cryogénica, a division of HAM Group, has opened Slovenia’s first LNG filling station, located in the capital city of Ljubljana. The station, at the crossroads for two Pan-European transport corridors (V and X) with strong connections to the Mediterranean, further extends Europe’s liquefied natural gas refueling infrastructure network.

The LNG mobile station is part of the cHAMeleon project, led by Ham Cryogénica. It is funded by the European Commission, through the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks (INEA), to boost the implementation of the LNG refuelling infrastructure network in the European Union and promote the growth of the LNG market in the road transport sector.

This station has also the support of Enos LNG, a Slovenian partner responsible for the development of the LNG market in the region, contributing to the start-up of the first LNG refuelling station in Slovenia, and thus to an alternative cleaning solution for road transport. In addition, this project helps the city’s aim to improve air quality and become one of the greenest capitals in Europe.

Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana, Sofia Papantoniadou, representative of INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency), Klemen Potisek, Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Enos LNG and Energetika Ljubljana representatives, HAM engineers and managers were present at the inauguration of the LNG mobile station.

Ham Cryogénica is a Spanish leading company in Europe in designing, building and operating all kinds of LNG and CNG installations, such as regasification plants and LNG & L-CNG refuelling stations, as well as bunkering terminals.

cHAMeleon Action

The overall objective of the funded Action is to study LNG powered freight market on the Mediterranean Corridor (Barcelona-Ljubljana) through innovative approaches & technologies in order to allow quick deployment of natural gas as alternative clean fuel in a smart and economical way. cHAMeleon investigates technological and operational options for carrying out improvements on LNG infrastructure, including vehicles, and LNG logistics service focused on bringing installation and operational costs down and making LNG an attractive commercial viable alternative fuel. The investigation will also address the business-client relation in order to address appropriately client’s needs in the different geographical areas.

The Action called for L-CNG refuelling stations to be deployed in 3 strategic points across the Mediterranean Corridor: in the Port of Barcelona (Spain), in La Jonquera (Spain) and in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Moreover, in the frame of the Action, data will be collected with a view to define the roll out plan of a full network along the Mediterranean corridor. The collection of the data will be achieved through the trial operation and monitoring of the 3 stations implemented in the frame of the Action as well of additional 2 stations in Italy and 1 in France, with all 6 located at strategic points of on the Mediterranean corridor.

Source: HAM Group

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