HAM Technology Turns Sewage to Fuel in Guadalajara

| Spain, Barcelona

HAM RNG stationThe application of new technology from Barcelona-based HAM Group has enabled the implementation of a pioneering project in Spain that produces gas from the digestion of waste water sludge for use as a fuel for vehicles. Located at the Guadalajara Wastewater Treatment Plant, the plant transforms biogas produced from wastewater into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)/biomethane.

HAM carried out the design, assembly and commissioning of the biomethane dispensing station. The installation consists of a gas compression system with a low flow compressor, a storage structure with high pressure bottles and a charging system to supply this source of energy.

The project has been promoted by Valoriza Agua which manages the treatment plant, with the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Almería. It must be borne in mind that this project does not interfere with the functioning of the water treatment plant, but rather optimizes the treatment that is carried out by capturing and reusing emissions from the breakdown of sewage.

Guadalajara Sewage Treatment PlantThe project was developed over eighteen months. Valoriza I + D + i has been in charge of carrying out the research, obtaining results that show the plant is capable of generating sufficient fuel for about 70 trucks of the municipal fleet.

Juan Pous, director of Valoriza I + D + i explained that “the emission of greenhouse gases is saved simply by consuming renewable natural gas vehicles with these vehicles. This reduces 80 percent of NOX (nitrogen oxide) and up to 40 percent of CO2 (carbon dioxide).”

Source: HAM Group

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