HAM Inaugurates Europe’s Largest Natural Gas Filling Station

| Spain, Abrera

Abrera CNG Station  with SEAT Leon TGISpain’s HAM Group, whose activities include liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution, LNG regasification plant construction and natural gas refuelling stations, is finalising the implementation of its latest public natural gas filling station in Abrera, near Barcelona, in the same industrial park where Spanish auto manufacturer SEAT’s factory is located. SEAT vehicles were on display for the inauguration.

This new station, which supplies natural gas in two end uses, LNG (liquefied) and CNG (compressed), uses pioneering technology and is said by HAM to be the largest in Europe. It features a total of eight bays, four of which are intended for refuelling CNG-powered vehicles like the SEAT Leon TGI or the Mii Ecofuel, and another four for supplying LNG to heavy-duty vehicles. They also accommodate diesel fuel pumps.

In addition, its completely integrated operation enables running the station with traditional filling station management systems. With this new flagship filling station, HAM now has ten supply points of natural gas for vehicle use.

The HAM Group owns the first corporate fleet of CNG-powered SEAT Leon TGI vehicles, which left the Martorell factory last year.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Abrera (Barcelona), HAM has a network of public natural gas refuelling stations located all over Spain, and has recently built more than 30 gas refilling stations. One of the goals of the HAM Group is to develop the market for natural gas as a more economical and less polluting alternative fuel source.

In line with their commitment to the environment, HAM’s current goods transport fleet consists of around 160 commercial vehicles, of which around 90 are fuelled with natural gas. Furthermore, their entire fleet of passenger cars and light vans is also powered with natural gas, resulting in considerable financial and energy savings.

(Source: HAM Group)

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