HAM and FEGATRAMER to Facilitate Natural Gas Adoption for Transport

| Spain and Italy
Sevilla LCNG Station

HAM supplies CNG and LNG at this station in Sevilla.

Federación Gallega de Transportes de Mercancías (tr. Galician Federation of Transports), known as FEGATRAMER, has signed a collaboration agreement with Spain’s HAM Group that aims to encourage uptake of natural gas as a fuel for transportation. The agreement offers advantages to the members of the Galician Federation for the supply of natural gas to their vehicles from HAM stations.

Also, within the framework of this agreement, HAM places at the disposal of FEGATRAMER and its associates energy solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of its vehicles with a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel, with the most advanced technology and the best management, in addition to advising all affiliates on the supply of natural gas.

HAM continues to maintain its leadership in the natural gas market with presence in more than 11 countries and has a public network of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service stations throughout the Spain, building more than 30 in recent years.

New Station in Italy

HAM LCNG station for Petroli 2000 at Riano, ItalyThe HAM network has expanded in Italy with the start-up of a LNG and CNG compressed natural gas station at Riano, in the province of Rome. The HAM-designed and installed plant is equipped with four CNG dispensers and one LNG dispenser.

The station belongs to the company Petroli 2000, which already built its first CNG station in 2012 in collaboration with HAM Italia.

Ham Criogénica is a member of NGVA Europe and Associate Member of NGV Global.

Source: HAM Group

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