GTT to Develop Training Program for TOTE LNG Tug/Barge Crew

| France and USA

wespac LNG Bunker BargeGTT subsidiaries, GTT North America, Inc. and GTT Training Ltd, are to develop and implement a comprehensive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) training program for TOTE, Inc. The first contract of its kind prepares TOTE to safely operate its 2,200 m3 LNG Bunker Barge currently under construction at Conrad Industries Shipyard in Orange, TX.

The contract was executed on April 6th, 2016, to initiate the program for training of the tug and LNG barge crew, which will ultimately be subject to U.S. Coast Guard approval.

GTT North America and Conrad Shipyard signed a Technical Assistance and License Agreement (TALA) for the design and construction of LNG barges and LNG-fueled vessel bunker tanks using GTT’s membrane containment systems in January 2015.

The LNG barge, for which a construction contract was signed in February last year, will feature one tank equipped with MARK III Flex cargo containment technology, from GTT. The barge will be equipped with GTT REACH4 bunker mast to ensure safe and reliable LNG transfer, including vapour return capability from the receiver vessel.

At present, there are no LNG specific competency and training standards for LNG barges that can serve as the basis to establish crew credentials and qualifications by the Flag authorities. GTT North America will collaborate with its sister company, GTT Training, STAR Center, an internationally recognized and U.S.C.G. accredited LNG training center located near Miami, FL, and TOTE to fully develop the training program and obtain the necessary approval from U.S.C.G.

After having obtained recently a first contract for the G-Sim simulator, the GTT group confirms its capability of offering bespoke state-of-the-art training solution not only to the LNG supply industry but also to LNG users.

(Source: GTT) 

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