GreenGasGrids Publishes ‘Biomethane Guide for Decision-Makers’

| Europe | Source: NGVA Europe

GreenGasGrids - Biomethane Decision-makersThe GreenGasGrids project (GGG), which was funded by the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) program and established to support the upgrading of biogas to biomethane for injection into the natural gas grid, has published a document called ‘Biomethane Guide for decision-makers – a policy guide on biogas injection into the natural gas grid’. Natural gas vehicle (NGV) engines burn methane as fuel, and biomethane is a renewable gas that has a major reduction impact on emissions.

NGVA Europe explains the publication is intended as a source of quick reference for decision makers and authorities from municipal to national level.

Methane gas is either fossil ‘natural gas’ or ‘biomethane’ produced from renewable resources. Both gases can be used in existing internal combustion engines with no limitation to blending thanks to the same molecular composition.

Biomethane is cleaned, upgraded and conditioned biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of organic waste, industrial waste as well as purposefully grown energy crops. The upgrading process includes gas pre-treatment (gas drying, removal of contaminants) and CO2 removal. For all steps proven technology is available.

NGVA Europe says that the full potential of biomethane has yet top be realised but it is becoming more important on the political agenda and as a business opportunity in various EU Member States due to its numerous advantages. NGVA Europe believes that biomethane could become one of the main pillars to reach the mandatory 2020 target of 10% renewable in transport due to its huge production potential, the non-existent blending limitation with fossil NG and its associated GHG emission benefits.

(Source: NGVA Europe)

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