Green Transportation Service Econation Wins 2011 “Operator of the Year” Award

| USA, Los Angeles CA

Global transportation company Econation capped off a third consecutive year of high double digit growth by being the first alternative fuel and hybrid firm to win LCT Magazine’s, “2011 Operator of the Year.” Econation is an example of new types of green business models that have thrived due to new corporate travel sustainability requirements and environmental support from the entertainment industry during special events such as the academy awards. Fifty percent of Econation’s fleet operate solely on compressed natural gas (CNG).

This was the second year the firm was nominated for the international award, which measures chauffeured ground transportation firms on categories including innovation, safety and operational excellence. Econation uses vehicles powered primarily by compressed natural gas, hybrid electric motors, ethanol and other alternative fuels and offering emissions and fuel reduction reports to help corporations and event planners meet sustainability objectives.

Econation’s mission from inception was not only to provide a high quality service, but to make a positive environmental impact, by setting new standards for the transportation industry. At the awards James Caulkins, Managing Partner of EcoNation, said “it was just a few years ago that others in the ground transportation industry were cynical about the value of sustainability, but we did our best to set a positive example for our industry. Once corporate America and the entertainment industry began to require emissions calculations, alternatives to standard fuel vehicles, and other standards based metrics, we became an easy choice [for customers].”

Commenting on the current limited supply of NGVs in the US, Ben Bloch, Managing Partner for Econation, told NGV Global News “We are big fans of CNG, though there are limited choices for luxury consumer vehicles that run on CNG. Vehicle Production Group is one option and we would love for CNG Town cars or SUV’s to become more readily available.”

This item primarily compiled using information from an Econation press release.

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  1. steva says:

    I am Canadian and sick and tired of North Americans oil companys monopoly greed for our $$$$$. Why we have to depend on oil companys half way around the word, when natural gas usage for all gas and diesel runinng engines is right under our feet ( natural gas that is ) Stupidity and ignoranance and greed goes long way. Promote natural gas usage for all vehicles, not just fleets. Its’ clean, safe and its’ OURS
    There you have it i feel better now. Have a nice day or night.