Greece Establishes Legislation to Develop CNG Station Network

| Greece, Athens
CNG Station, Greece

Fisikon CNG Station in Anthoussa, Athens

DEPA S.A., the Natural Gas Corporation of Greece, in cooperation with TÜV Saarland has achieved the establishment of new legislation referring to the specifications, installation, operation, maintenance and licensing of CNG stations, which has been passed by the Greek Parliament in 2013 and implemented by a ministerial decision (Ministerial Decree) which is signed by the Vice Minister of Transport Mr. Papadopoulos Michalis in early 2014.

“The new legislation aims to provide the necessary prerequisites for the development of a CNG refueling station network in Greece” said Mr G. Chatzopoulos, DEPA’s internal advisor for strategy and new business development. “We look forward to further developing a modern legislation for the use of CNG and LNG in Greece according to the new EU policy demands for the utilization of natural gas in the transportation sector”.

“Natural Gas offers the best environmental and safety balance of all transportation fuels, will allow Greece to meet higher environmental protection requirements and at the same time many private drivers & commercial fleets will benefit from the enormous operational savings offered by the new fuel,” added Mr Economidis Stefanos DEPA’s Deputy Director for strategy and corporate development.

The new law will facilitate the installation of CNG stations and will enable DEPA S.A. to accelerate its investment program. Three “FISIKON” CNG stations have been put in operation since last September, two in Athens and one in Thessaloniki. Another eight are currently under the procedure of licensing, in five main Greek cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Lamia, Larisa and Volos.

This is one of the key legislative improvements, which DEPA S.A. is proceeding, in parallel with other activities, for the harmonization of the Greek legislation with the European and the expansion of the NGV market in Greece.

(Source: DEPA)

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