Gomselmash Introduces CNG-Powered Combine Harvester

| Republic of Belarus, Gomel

Gomselmash Combine Harvester CNG Gomel, the second-most populous city of Belarus, is home to OJSC Gomselmash, the proud creator of the first grain combine harvester in the world powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In a country where more than 8 million tonnes of grain is harvested annually, the combine will reap with economy and reduced environmental impact.

Gomselmash is conducting field tests and has displayed the machine, known by its preliminary title of “PALESSE GS4118K”, at “Gazprom Transgas Belarus”. There is no comparable product available anywhere, the company says.

Gomselmash Combine Harvester showing CNG cylindersThe combine harvester has been designed for direct and separate harvesting of cereal grains, groats crops and grass seeds, and also with the use of special devices for harvesting corn, sunflower, leguminous and rapeseed in flat fields with a slope of up to 8 degrees.

The “PALESSE GS4118K” harvester is equipped with a natural gas engine, equipment consisting of cylinders for storage of gaseous fuels, low and high pressure lines, valves and reduction systems.

Source: OJSC Gomselmash

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