GNVert Talks Up CNG for Transport in First Newsletter

| France | Source: AFGNV

(Image: GNVert)

GNVert, part of the GDF Suez group, has built and financed more than 140 compressed natural gas (CNG) of all sizes. Currently, the company operates more than 40 CNG stations for heavy vehicles (buses, refuse collection and delivery trucks) and about 100 CNG stations dedicated to light vehicles (fleets). To share its stories of success with the natural gas vehicle marketplace, GNVert has commenced a newsletter under the slogan “Ensemble découvrons les carburants propres” (together, discover clean fuels).

Charlotte Hubert, GNVert president, explains that natural gas and its renewable counterpart, biomethane, are the fuels best suited to implement an alternative to diesel. Economic qualities (best cost / benefit), environmental considerations (public health / air quality / particles / emissions and noise), performance, autonomy and technological maturity of CNG “are in its DNA”, she said.

Hubert acknowledges the dramatic growth of CNG fuelled transportation around the world, citing a study of the IGU (International Gas Union) in September 2010 that indicates the number of CNG vehicles is expected to grow from 13 million in 2010 to 104 million in 2030.

For a link to the newsletter (French language) go to the AFGNV (French Natural Gas Vehicles Association) website.

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