GEV Delivers CNG Pipe for ABS Testing

| Australia: West Perth WA | Source: Global Energy Ventures Ltd

GEV pipe for ABS testingGlobal Energy Ventures Ltd , an Australian developer of global integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) projects, says that the test pipe required for the ABS Approval of the CNG Optimum 200 system has been delivered to Edmonton, Canada from Japan.

This test pipe is representative of high-strength line-pipe that is available on a commercial basis from several suppliers worldwide, insuring competitive pricing.

GEV CNG Optimum 200 gas carrier design

The delivery completes another significant milestone in the development and commercialisation of GEV’s Optimum technology. The pipe will undergo a sequence of tests to demonstrate that it meets all of the American Bureau of Shipping’s requirements to assure a safe and reliable CNG Optimum Ship. The testing program and ABS Approval is on-track for completion in September 2018.

GEV is finalising its CNG Optimum 200 ship design package with a view to selecting a preferred ship yard in the second quarter of 2018.

Source: Global Energy Ventures Ltd

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