German Panel Manufacturer Selects Econic NGT for Clean Logistics

| Germany, Burgau

ROMA KG Mercedes Benz Econic NGTRomakowski GmbH & Co. KG (Roma KG), a Bavarian-Swabian specialist insulating panel, door and accessories manufacturer, has invested in its first natural gas truck from Mercedes-Benz. It will be used to transport product from its base in Burgau to its new logistics centre in the nearby Scheppach business park.

The Econic series vehicle with Euro VI natural-gas drive was officially handed over earlier this month and was purchased to make the resulting workshop traffic as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Environmental considerations played an extremely important role in this purchase,” reported Werner Riedmann, Head of ROMA Logistics at the vehicle handover. “Operation with natural gas enables us to realise plant traffic between the production location in Burgau and the new logistics centre in nearby Scheppach with the fewest possible emissions.”

The Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology), supplied by Stern Auto GmbH, offers more than environmental benefits: the low-entry concept allows ergonomic and health-promoting entry and exit, the panorama glazing ensures excellent visibility. Furthermore, the Econic is optimized for a frequent trailer changeover and is therefore perfectly suited for distribution traffic.

It is powered by the M 936 G natural gas engine which is based on the 7.7-litre OM 936 turbodiesel engine. As a mono-fuel engine, it runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and has an output of 222 kW (302 hp) while delivering maximum torque of 1200 Nm. The single-stage turbocharged engine performs on a par with its diesel-powered counterpart. However, unlike the diesel, the Econic NGT emits virtually no particulate matter and no soot particles. It produces 25 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) and is virtually CO2 neutral when operating on biomethane (renewable natural gas).

Over the entire engine speed range, the natural gas engine has an even lower noise level than the already quiet OM 936 diesel engine. Further advantages of the new gas drive system: The additional weight compared to diesel drive has been halved to only around 500 kg. This is due to new gas cylinders in carbon-fibre-encased rugged steel specially produced for a lightweight construction.

Sources: Roma KG and Daimler

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