German Logistics Company Tests LNG for Fleet Operations

| Germany, Osnabrück

Refuelling the Iveco with LNG as part of Hellmann trials

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, based in Osnabrück in northern Germany, has been testing liquefied natural gas (LNG) for suitability as an alternative fuel for its European operations. Together with partners Scania, Iveco and gas station builders Bohlen and Doyen, tests were carried out over a period of four weeks using two Scania and Iveco heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) under full load and real world conditions. Hellmann claims to be the first company in Germany to test LNG as a fuel for HGVs.

Travelling routes between Münster, Osnabrück and Magdeburg, the trucks completed delivery routes without additional refueling stops. Kai Hasenpusch, a Director of Hellmann said the significantly greater range offered by LNG compared to CNG was the reason for choosing the fuel.

Besides the advantages of long range the drivers who carried out the testing the noise level was significantly reduced when compared with conventionally-fueled vehicles under the same driving conditions. The lower noise is conducive to inner city night operations such as those carried out by logistics transport companies.

Director René Stocker explained Hellmann’s intent regarding cleaner fuel operations. “With the implementation of our environmental management, it is our goal to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable service. The CO2 emissions from fossil natural gas reduces noise by up to 25 percent, according to a Dena (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH) study. Local emissions such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides are reduced almost completely.”

The results of the testing will form part of a presentation at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Hanover.

(This article compiled using information from a Hellman Worldwide Logistics press release)

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