GE Capital and VNG Increase Access to CNG for US Fleet Owners

| USA, Eden Prairie MN

VNG CNG StationGlobal fleet management company GE Capital Fleet Services has entered into an agreement in the US with, a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facility provider, to support the expansion of the CNG refueling infrastructure for light-duty fleet vehicles.

With interest rising in CNG as a lower-cost, low-emissions fuel for light-duty fleets, GE Capital Fleet Services’ agreement with VNG is aimed at connecting and incenting fleet owners to use CNG-fueled vehicles.

Through the agreement with VNG, GE Capital Fleet Services’ customers will be able to take advantage of the increasing accessibility of CNG fueling stations, minimize overall fuel costs and meet financial and environmental objectives through the use of a lower cost, more stably priced, environmentally friendly and domestically sourced fuel.

GE Capital Fleet Services works with its customers to identify opportunities to utilize natural gas vehicles (NGVs) within their fleets, and will work with VNG to pinpoint where additional fueling infrastructure is needed. VNG uses the GE CNG In A Box system for faster, easier deployment of its CNG fueling stations.

VNG offers the benefits of fast-fill CNG fueling within existing retail gasoline stations, eliminating the need for fleets to own and maintain their own refueling stations.

“We know from our customers that many commercial fleets want to adopt CNG vehicles. The barrier is the cost and availability of CNG fueling stations. Our alliance with VNG is a step toward breaking down this barrier,” said Kristi Webb, CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services.

“We’re working with VNG to make the connection between providers driving growth of the CNG refueling infrastructure – in the right markets and locations – and owners who want to grow their CNG fleets. This is one of several initiatives and alliances that GE has undertaken to advance the infrastructure for CNG as well as other alternative fuels,” Webb said.

“Our collaboration with GE Capital Fleet Services supports our mission of increasing the availability of convenient fast-fill CNG fueling to provide a high quality experience comparable to liquid fuels for all drivers of light-duty NGVs,” said Robert Friedman, Chief Operating Officer, VNG.

(Source: GE)

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