GAZ CNG Buses to Join Moscow Fleet

| Russia, Moscow


Russian vehicle manufacturer GAZ Group has tendered successfully to provide traditional-fuel and compressed natural gas (CNG)-fuel buses to Moscow’s Department of Transport. Equipment will be delivered to the customer by the fall of 2013. Buses will be involved in the urban transport system of Moscow. The natural gas buses include 16 LIAZ-5292 and 4 LiAZ 6213 buses. Emissions comply with Euro V.

The 18m ‘extra-large’ LiAZ 6213 bus is powered by a Cummins CGe4-280 engine and has CNG storage of 420 litres.

The 12m ‘large’ LiAZ-5292 bus is powered by a ZMZ-40529.10 engine (manufactured by OAO Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod) and has CNG storage of 190 litres.

The CNG buses have three degrees of gas protection equipment — for pressure, temperature and humidity — and are equipped with gas detection sensors.

The operation of these models will not only improve the ecological situation in the Moscow region, but will create convenience and comfort for all groups of passengers, including those with limited mobility.

(Source: GAZ Group)

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