Gasum Plans LNG Fuel Future with CEF Grant

| Finland, Espoo

Gasum rekka lng truckNatural gas retailer Gasum is developing a new kind of LNG refueling station network in Finland, primarily for heavy-duty road transport. Finland’s first LNG/LCNG pilot station will be constructed by the company in Turkul located on the south west coast. The station will supply compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas (CBG) for cars and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy-duty vehicles.

The road fuel gas filling station will be located close to the Port of Turku. The infrastructure to be constructed will provide access to gas as a vehicle fuel not only for cars and buses but also heavy-duty road transport in the Turku region.

The CNG/CBG and LNG/LCNG refueling station has been built to meet what Gasum describes as the sharply increasing demand, and opportunities to switch to gas as a road fuel will be further improved by the expanding supply of gas vehicles and the new filling stations.

Gasum is strongly committed to the development of gas vehicle use. “We’re actively developing the biogas and natural gas filling station network and aim to increase the number of stations by 35 new ones in the next ten years. In addition to the Turku filling station, we’ll also construct three new road fuel gas stations to serve heavy-duty vehicles in particular at the Vuosaari Harbor in Helsinki as well as in Vantaa and Jyväskylä this year. These will be the first of their kind in Finland. The project is enabled by us having been granted EU financial support serving the TEN-T core network,” says Gasum Business Development Manager for Biogas Jussi Vainikka.

The Turku and Helsinki refueling stations will be completed this year. This will be followed by the construction of another two LNG/LCNG stations in summer 2017 in Vantaa and Jyväskylä, with negotiations on the sites currently underway for both. The project is undergoing the basic planning phase.

The primary equipment supplier selected for both types of station is Sarlin Oy Ab in cooperation with Chart Ferox a.s.

The project has been granted EUR 2.65 million (USD 2.97 m) by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) which supports trans-European networks and infrastructures in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy. The grant will support Gasum to explore the opportunities to construct an LNG/LCNG refueling station network and the deploy and test four pilot stations. The support accounts for 50% of the total investment. The project is expected to cost around €5.3 million in total. The project contributes to the TEN-T Core Network, the implementation of the objectives of Directive 2014/94/EU in Finland and the development of the market for alternative propulsion systems in road transport.

Natural gas is the least expensive transport fuel, while Gasum biogas is 100% renewable and 100% Finnish and the only road fuel sold in Finland that has been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol as well as the Nordic Ecolabel.

(Source: Gasum)

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