Gasum Plans 16 New CBG/CNG Stations In Finland

| Finland, Espoo

Gasum CNG station at VernoGasum is expanding the Finnish filling station network, planning a total of 16 new stations to be opened at key transport hubs. Over the next ten years the company will construct 35 new filling stations. The development of the gas infrastructure is vital for growth in gas vehicle use: a comprehensive network will enable seamless driving on gas around Finland.

There are currently 24 gas filling stations in Finland.

Gasum’s 16 new stations will be located on central sites, with the main focus being on urban areas and transport nodes. Gasum aims to serve both passengers cars and heavy-duty vehicles, refueling stations will offer compressed bio/natural gas (CBG/CNG) and/or liquefied natural gas (LNG) based on the actual demand at the refueling staion in question (i.e. some stations will offer only CBG/CNG, some only LNG.

Other players in the sector planning to open fueling stations are the City of Oulu waste management company Oulun Jätehuolto, the City of Pori, Stormossen (Vaasa) and Bio10 (Kitee).

(Source: Gasum Oy)

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