Gastech 2015 Features CoTEs on Natural Gas for Transportation

| Singapore

Gastech 2015Gastech Conference & Exhibition – Singapore 27-30 Oct 2015

Gastech 2015 once again features several Centres of Technical Excellence (CoTEs) – a free-to-attend technical seminar programme at the Gastech Exhibition dedicated to delivering knowledge and awareness of technological developments and applications in the gas industry. Several of the CoTEs this year specifically addresses developments in natural gas for transportation, covering vehicle and vessel fuel. NGV Global is hosting the Natural Gas Vehicle CoTE on Wednesday 28 October.


Moderator Introductory Remarks
10:15am – 10:30am
Brenda Smith, NGV Global Board; Managing Director – Gas Advisers

The Outlook for Natural Gas Vehicles Worldwide
10:30am – 10:55am
Brenda Smith, NGV Global Board; Managing Director – Gas Advisers

Small-Scale LNG Technology Advancements in China Drive Vehicle Fuel Developments in the United States
11:00am – 11:25am
Megan Reusser, Black & Veatch

Real World Comparison of LNG and CNG Powered Heavy Truck Applications
11:30am – 11:55 am
Jeffrey Liu
Chairman of Universal LNG

Integrated Natural Gas Flow Regulation System Including Fuel Temperature Homogenization for Improved Engine Performance and Reduced Emissions
12:00 noon – 12:25pm
Eric Ehlig
Natural gas fuel systems engineer at Parker Hannifin – (an NGV Global Corporate Sponsor)

Parker Hannifin Presentation Description: Engine users look at performance and durability of natural gas engines for adoption of natural gas into mainstream power systems across applications. Engine performance and emissions optimization is key to the continued growth of natural gas as a fuel. In fact the best way to grow the use of natural gas is not just banking on it as a cleaner and more economic fuel but also affording the end user the same driveability and reliability. A key component of this is the fuel system. This presentation and paper focuses on the development of a CNG fuel system for heavy duty applications and presents a case to extend a tighter bandwidth of pressure/flow regulation and control all the way to the HHP engines.

The Growing Importance of Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel in Europe, in Particular, LNG for Trucks and Buses, and LNG for Marine
14:00pm – 14:25pm
Liu Yongxin
Vice President of ENN Group and President of ENN European Transportation Fuels

In addition there are parallel sessions on:

  • LNG as Marine Fuel presented by Lloyd’s Register – Tuesday 27 Oct 10:15am start
  • LNG Bunkering presented by DNV GL – Wednesday 28 Oct 10:15am start


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